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Why Do Llamas Spit?

Spitting is a natural behavior common amongst all camelids. So what is a Camelid, you may ask

Llama Family Tree

This taxonomy chart shows the classification of the Family of Camelids to which llamas belong. There are 6 species in the Camelid family; Llamas and Guanacos, Alpacas and Vicunas, and Dromedary and Bactrian Camels. They all share similar traits, and they all do spit.

Llamas are much maligned and misunderstood when it comes to spitting. This is often the first topic of conversation when our guests arrive at the barn. So we like to clear the air and put everyone’s mind at rest.

A lot of people believe, and have been told, that the reason behind the behavior is that llamas spit in self-defense. However, this is not the case. Llamas spit  on each other. It is the method that they use to keep order in the herd.

A male llama will spit at other male llamas to assert dominance. The leader of the herd is referred to as the Alpha. Alpha wannabe’s will often challenge the current leader of the pack by instigating a spitting match. This usually escalates to neck wrestling and chest butting until one or the other cries ‘Uncle’.

Neck wresting 1

Neck wrestling 2