Twin Creeks Llamas, Take a Hike        

Rainy hike 

Hiking Tips  

Tip #1 The most important thing is to wear comfortable shoes.  When you are working with large animals, it is always best to wear closed toe shoes, no sandals. Even though llamas only weigh about 350 pounds and have soft padded feet, it will still hurt if your foot accidently gets stepped on. And since you never know when you might run into poison ivy, best put on some socks.

Tip #2 Dress in layers. It is much easier to acclimate your body temperature to the weather if you can quickly and easily add or remove layers of clothes.

Fall Hike

Tip #4 Be prepared for weather changes. Showers can come up suddenly. Just because it rains, it does not mean that your hike is ruined. A cooling shower on a warm day can be very refreshing.  Experiencing nature in all of her moods is what hiking is all about.  Pack a rain poncho just in case.

Tip #5 Be sure to pack your camera, as well as some extra batteries and film.


Tip #6 Some other items you might want to bring are: insect repellant, sunscreen, lip balm, as well as a couple of Band-Aids in case you get a blister.